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Upper Grand District School Board

Special Education Advisory Committee


What is the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)?

Special Education Advisory Committee Minutes and Agenda

The Upper Grand District School Board has established a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) in accordance with the Education Act.

SEAC is made up of local parent representatives of Provincial Associations, two school trustees and interested local community representatives.

SEAC members receive orientation and training to become informed on important topics in Special Education:

What is expected of SEAC Members?

What does SEAC do?

SEAC Guiding Principles

To advocate to the School Board, the community and each other for the provision of opportunities to maximize individual potential for all special needs students by:

Special Education Plan

School Boards are required by the Ministry of Education to maintain a Special Education Plan, to review it annually, to amend it from time to time to meet the current needs of its exceptional students and to submit any amendments to the Minister of Education for review.

The School Board’s Special Education Plan is to inform the Ministry of Education and the public about special education programs and services that are provided by the board in accordance with legislation and ministry policy on special education.

[ View the Special Education Plan 2017-2018 (PDF) ]

When are SEAC Meetings held?

Meetings are open to the public. Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the school year.  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Upper Grand District School Board office in Guelph. View meeting dates and minutes. For further information please call the Program Department at (519) 941-6191 ext. 254.

SEAC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

[View Meeting Minutes and Agendas (PDF)]

What Exceptionalities are Included:

What else should I know?

SEAC members must be qualified to vote for members of the School Board and must be a resident of Wellington/Dufferin County.  To be qualified to vote for School Board members, a person must be:

Representative Provincial Associations

ABC – Association for Bright Children

Autism Ontario Wellington Chapter

FASD-Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Integration Action for Inclusion in Education and Community (Ontario) 

Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County

VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children

For specific local representatives and Trustee contact information please call the Program Department at (519) 941-6191 ext. 254