March Newsletter

Posted February 28, 2021

Hello everyone,

As I write the March Newsletter, it is currently sunny and -2 degrees celsius.  The days are getting longer and the sun is feeling warmer.  Spring is on the way!  

As the days get longer and Term 2 is underway, we have planned a few additional activities for the month of March!  Be sure to check out the calendar at the end of this newsletter for more information on School Spirit Days (brought to you by the Alma PS Students’ Council), as well as a school-wide cookbook Ms. Scott is organizing to showcase our community’s favourite healthy recipes!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to a great start back to school in early February.  It has been wonderful to see students back at school, eager to learn and enjoy time with their friends!  Thank you to families for continuing to follow our health and safety protocols, including dropping walkers off as close to 8:50am as possible to avoid additional time standing in lines before school starts each day.  

We look forward to a great month ahead!

Ms. Spike

March Newsletter

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