Posted September 12, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians;

As you are aware, the school organization that was in place during the first week of school had the potential to change to ensure alignment with ministry guidelines. To this end, we have received a new school organization. Our new school organization is posted below. Families of students who have been impacted have been notified.

Arbour Vista

Teacher Class 
Leanne Laurin FKA
Holly Nixon FKB
Harry Webb FKC
Maren Kasulke F1A
Evelyn Mauch F1B
Jennifer Girard F2A
Johanna Hunse F2/3B
Becky Saar F2/3C
Rachel Groenewald F3/4A
Jonathan Fischer F4C
Courtney Hagan F4/5B
Susan Dodds F 5A
Sarah Gat F6A
Jennifer Pigeon F6B
Elizabeth Ciaravella F7A
Julie Linwood F7B
Lena McDonald F7C
Abraham Gerges F8A
Lyndsay Koivisto F8B
Charlotte Fleischauer F8C

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