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A reflection on Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month

March 1, 2022

GUELPH, Ontario — Throughout the month of February a variety of resources and supports centering Black histories, experiences and contributions were highlighted and made available in order to support learning and celebration across all grades in the UGDSB.

As students and staff across the UGDSB celebrated Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month, we ask again: What’s in a name?

Heritage – Schools have peered into the past to acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions and the many accomplishments that Black Canadians and other Black individuals across the African diaspora have contributed to society as a whole, and locally. 

Brilliance – Everyday Black individuals in our schools, at the board, and in our local communities continue to make positive impactful contributions. The work Black individuals, groups and Student Unions such as Natasha Henry – educator and president of the Ontario Black History Society, the Guelph Black History Society and CDDHS Black Chapter were among those spotlighted. 

Futures – Going forward, the board continues its efforts against anti-Black racism, as well as prioritizing and centering Black voices. A range of topics and resources were provided for both students and staff to discover and unpack this month. Topics covered included: ‘Teaching Black History’ and how to continue learning Black history, and for the students resources on ‘Shadeism’ and ‘Colourism’. 

Schools across the UGDSB had an incredible month celebrating ‘Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month’. This month’s initiative, work and resources were due to the effort put in within and amongst schools, student groups, and board staff members. The month would not have been the success it was without students and schools. 

As we reflect on ‘Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures Month,’ we must continue to ask ourselves pertinent questions: How can we go forward celebrating this month with a ‘no school left behind’ mentality?, What have we accomplished this far, and how are we driving the conversation forward? 

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