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Aberfoyle PS students develop solutions to societal issues through Innovative Passion Project

May 15, 2018

PUSLINCH, Ontario – Students at Aberfoyle Public School have spent the last several months developing solutions to issues that they care about as part of an innovative independent project.  

On May 10, Aberfoyle PS intermediate students celebrated their learning during Education Week by sharing their Innovative Passion Projects with their parents, family and friends.

The Innovative Passion Project is an independent project that allowed students to inquire about something that they are passionate about. The six-month long inquiry-based project tested the students’ ability to think critically and creatively in order to create a new, innovative artifact that will improve our current society.

This project focused on 21st Century Competencies and allowed the Aberfoyle students to:

Some examples of Innovative Passion Projects included a more efficient Zamboni that cleans the ice more efficiently, retractable hockey boards to prevent concussions, weather predicting technology that analyzes clouds, water filtration systems to feed animals more efficiently, food sensitivity cookbooks, a carbon fiber car chassis to prevent injuries in car crashes, and monofins to increase a swimmer’s ability to train.

The Innovative Passion Project evening was a huge success. School staff commended students for their immense effort and dedication to the project.

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