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Alma PS embraces wheelchair basketball program

November 13, 2019

ALMA, Ontario – In just one week, students in Alma got to see new athletic skills flourish, while learning more about accessibility and inclusion.

On Wednesday, students at Alma Public School enjoyed their last day of the UGDSB’s Patrick Anderson Wheelchair Basketball Program.

The program was created by Patrick Anderson, four-time Paralympic Champion, widely considered the best wheelchair basketball player in the world, and also an Upper Grand DSB graduate, with his long-time friend and UGDSB teacher Andy Speers.

The program allows students to immerse themselves in wheelchair basketball, learn the fundamentals of the sport and how to work as a team, while meaningfully reflecting on what inclusion and accessibility means.

The program officially launched last month and will travel around to different UGDSB schools all year.

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The staff and students at Alma PS had an incredible time learning to use the chairs and modifying a range of sports, seeing first-hand that every game can be modified to ensure everyone is included.

Throughout their week with the set of chairs, staff ran intramurals for the students and the school held a school-wide tournament, with teams made up of students of all different ages.

On the last morning of the program, the first and second place teams faced off for a final game, while the whole school cheered them on.

Staff said that the program was a great learning opportunity about accessibility and inclusion for all their students.

On Nov. 13, 2019, students at Alma Public School tried the UGDSB's Patrick Anderson Wheelchair Basketball program.

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