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Board Meeting Highlights for August 2017

August 30, 2017

GUELPH, Ontario – The August meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board was held on August 29, 2017. The following provides highlights from the meeting.

Director’s Objectives 2017-18

Director of Education, Martha Rogers provided the board with her objectives for the coming school year. Based on four strategic directions established by the board – Achieving Excellence, Promoting Well-Being, Ensuring Equity of Access and Opportunity, and Enhancing Public Confidence – there is a variety of action plans to guide the work of the board throughout the year, and all are aligned with the Ministry of Education’s directions.

Action steps for achieving excellence include Board Improvement Planning including the implementation and review of the Board French Action Plan, implementation of the UGDSB Renewed Math Strategy in accordance with Ministry guidelines and funding, and the implementation and review of the Board Special Education Plan. The Early Years Strategy (JK-3) will be reviewed and revised to align with Ministry direction. Board staff will continue the recruitment strategy to attract and retain quality teachers, with a focus on French teachers. The board will continue to implement the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan and the Learning Choices Policy and Procedures. Staff will be supported and developed through learning opportunities via the board’s leadership development program. In-services and job-embedded opportunities and training will be provided to staff.

In the area of promoting well-being, the board will continue to support the well-being of students by promoting positive mental health, fostering safe and accepting schools, developing healthy schools and supporting equity and inclusive education initiatives. Staff will be provided with programs and services that offer support on a personal and professional level. The board will continue its implementation of a multi-year Health and Safety Plan to ensure a safe working and learning environment.

The board will ensure equity of access and opportunity by providing programs and services that meet the learning needs of students with special education needs. At risk students will be provided with Student Success, Engagement and Re-engagement programs and services. Career and life-planning courses will be provided for all students from JK-12. The board will continue the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program and will continue to provide programs and services for international students and adult learners. The board will also provide equitable access to technology for students and schools to increase learning opportunities, and will continue the implementation of the First Nation Métis Inuit Framework.

Public confidence will be highlighted through reviewing and revising the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan in accordance with regulations under the Ontario Green Energy Act. The board will initiate the design of Ministry-approved Capital Projects and Renovation Projects, and develop and implement the 2017-18 Renewal Plan for school facilities, while ensuring efficiency and accountability in the business operations of the board.

The board will continue to support parent and community engagement in board-level committees including the Special Education Advisory Committee, the Parent Involvement Committee, the French as a Second Language Committee, and the Indigenous Advisory Committee.

Annual Update on Capital/Renewal Projects

Paul Scinocca, the board’s Operations Officer, provided trustees with an update of the construction and renewal work done over the summer, as numerous projects took place at schools across the district.

Pictures showing samples of the work that was done in demolition, rebuilding and repair were highlights of the presentation. Work completed this summer included various paving and roofing projects, mechanical and electrical system upgrades, energy upgrades, accessibility upgrades and more.

Ministry of Education Request for Capital Priorities 2017

Each year, school boards have the opportunity to identify their major accommodation needs for the next three years through the Capital Priorities program. The program serves as the primary means for funding capital projects, including new schools, retrofits and additions.

At the August board meeting, trustees were presented with the capital projects identified by staff to be submitted to the Ministry of Education for funding.

For the fourth year, staff has recommended that the board pursue funding for a 1,200 pupil place high school in the south end of Guelph to accommodate projected enrolment pressure.

Board staff is also submitting two capital priorities requests for classroom additions at Glenbrook Elementary School and Hyland Heights Elementary School. These requests are to accommodate current and forecasted elementary enrolment pressure in the Town of Shelburne.

The next regular monthly meeting will be held by on Tues. September 26, 2017, at the Guelph Board Office, 500 Victoria Road North. Everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.


For more information:
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Upper Grand District School Board
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Upper Grand District School Board
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