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Centre Wellington boundary and program changes approved


For Immediate Release
February 26, 2009

GUELPH, Ontario — After deferring a decision on boundary and program changes for seven Centre Wellington elementary schools from the December board meeting to the February meeting, trustees approved changes to move the French Immersion (FI) program into two schools (currently it’s in three schools), create a new grade 7-8 program and to adjust various school boundaries to have children living in Fergus attending Fergus schools, beginning in September 2009.

The deferral decision was made for a number of reasons. At the December meeting, a number of additional grandfathering amendments were placed by the local trustee, David Gohn. As a result of this, and to provide parents with more time to consult in the choice of the two preferred options, as well as have a staff report prepared, the decision was deferred to the February board meeting. At the January board meeting, trustees directed staff to develop the requested report and present it at the February meeting. The report was to respond to the community’s requests and delegations, consider the cost and implications on transportation and on future reviews, and consider the implications of retaining a status quo position for the foreseeable future.

After considering the additional staff report, and the community responses, the original preferred scenario with the phasing in of the changes, and grandfathering of students (FI and regular track) in their last year of a program at any school, was approved by the trustees. The additional grandfathering amendments from Trustee Gohn were not adopted.

For French Immersion Students:

This meets the goal of having the FI program housed in only two schools (JD Hogarth and James McQueen).

For Regular Track (RT) Students:

This decreases the ratio of grade 7 and 8 students at Elora and JD Hogarth, and creates the new JK to grade 8 school (John Black). John Black will be a JK to grade 7 school in 2009-10 and a full JK to grade 8 school the following year.

Other boundary changes affect the following students:

In these changes, all existing regular track grade 5 students entering grade 6 at John Black and Salem schools will be grandfathered, and where eligible, be offered transportation, as will all regular track grade 7 students entering grade 8 at Elora.

The amendments presented by trustee Gohn sought to have the current students living in these areas grandfathered into their existing schools (Salem and John Black), until they graduated, but were not approved by the board. In the adopted plan, only the current grade 5 and 7 students will be grandfathered.

For more information
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