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Centre Wellington DHS student launches “The Kindness Pledge”

January 21, 2022

A pledge of kindness may be what it needs to change a community for the better.  

This January, Centre Wellington District High School launched The Kindness Pledge – a promise that individuals, groups and businesses can take to make their communities more kind and inclusive. The initiative was started by Abby G, a grade 12 student at Centre Wellington DHS, who is passionate about social justice and positive change. 

Abby founded the Kindness Pledge in the Fall of 2021 with the hope of creating a more kind and inclusive community to live in.

Abby has local community partners who have supported her with the project. The Grove Youth Wellness Hubs, The Letter M Marketing (Doug MacMillan), and Pearl Street Communications (Curt Hammond) have all contributed to the development of this project. 

Anyone can take The Kindness Pledge, to do their part in demonstrating kindness, and inclusivity in their community at

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