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CHSS students create original designs with 3D Printer

November 13, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – Students at College Heights Secondary School participated in a school-wide contest earlier this year to compete for the best original 3D-printed design.

The contest began in October in the CHSS library and was sponsored by the school’s SHSM team.

Book Holder CHSS

Students were to create an original design with the 3D printer based on the needs they saw around them in the school. Once they had their idea and design, they used the school’s 3D-printing software to turn the ideas into reality.

Book Stand CHSS

Third place went to Angus who designed a prototype of a water filtration system. Second place went to Robert, who designed a bookstand and first place went to Thomas who designed a book holder.

Filtration System CHSS

Thomas is now manufacturing book holders that are available for students at the school to use in the library.

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