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Commemorating Indigenous Veterans Day on November 8

November 8, 2021

November 8 is Indigenous Veterans Day. For years, Canadians have set aside November 11 to remember the sacrifices of soldiers who fought for Canada and the British Commonwealth in global conflicts that took place in foreign lands.

Most Canadians are not aware of the contributions made by Indigenous Warriors in those military campaigns, nor of the crucial role they played during the War of 1812 – the only war ever fought on Canadian soil.

In defending the lands occupied by themselves and settler newcomers, Indigenous Warriors were honouring Treaty promises they made to be British allies “as long as the sun rises in the east.”

In the Upper Grand District School Board, students in grades 4-12 have an opportunity to learn about some of the greatest heroes of all time through livestream opportunities with Maurice Switzer. Maurice Switzer, Bnesi, is a citizen of the Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation. He currently serves of the board of the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre and the Nipissing University Indigenous Council on Education. He is the author of We Are All Treaty People, a graphic novel with some 15,000 copies in distribution, Nation to Nation: A resource on treaties in Ontario, and Grandpa, what is a treaty, anyway?

Teachers were also provided with vetted resources to support Indigenous Veterans Day.

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