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CWDHS awarded ‘The Next Play’ grant for gender equity in sports and physical education

May 12, 2023

Fergus, ON — Congratulations to Centre Wellington District High School (CWDHS) who has partnered with the Canadian Women and Sport organization as part of The Next Play grant program to receive $5500. 

The grant will give teachers and coaches at CWDHS the opportunities to participate in professional development and further their knowledge on how to better engage female and gender-diverse students in physical education and sport.

“When I read the application form for the The Next Play grant program, I knew this is exactly the support we need to build the type of health and physical education program our students deserve,” said CWDHS teacher, Belinda Cox. 

In schools, physical and health education is a subject that benefits all students. Research has shown that students who regularly exercise and who are physically fit see a decrease in depression, anxiety, maintain healthy body weight, miss less school, and in turn, are more academically successful.

Despite the positive effects of physical activity, research shows that participation rates for female students decline significantly as they get older. Furthermore, transgender, non-binary, and two-spirit students experience significant obstacles to participation in physical & health education and school sports. 

Cox said that CWDHS is committed to the path of equity and inclusion for all and committed to eliminate barriers for all marginalized students – not only in sports and physical education – but in other aspects of education as it is aligned in the UG’s Multi-Year Plan (MYP)

When Cox was first a newcomer to Canada, she remembers how intimidated she felt approaching sports and physical activity in school, “I had very little exposure and experience with physical activity and sport growing in Taiwan and I lacked the necessary skills to feel competent, confident and motivated to participate.” 

Now, as a physical education educator, Cox focuses on developing fundamental movement skills through non-traditional sport activities to students. “I find it levels the playing field, for those who may not have had the privilege to participate in sport early, to experience success.” 

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