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Education Minister in Guelph to announce improved access to high-speed internet for students

February 14, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – Following a highly successful first wave that involved the Upper Grand District School Board, the Ontario government has announced Wave 2 of a project that will improve access to high-speed internet for students.

On Wednesday, Minister of Education Indira Naidoo-Harris was in Guelph, joined by Liz Sandals, MPP for Guelph, and staff and trustees from the UGDSB and Wellington Catholic District School Board. 

On Feb. 14, 2018, Education Minister Naidoo-Harris was in Guelph, along with MPP Liz Sandals and members of the UGDSB and WCDSB.

Minister Naidoo-Harris announced that Ontario is connecting over 250,000 students at approximately 850 schools with high-speed internet as part of a commitment to improve internet access at all publicly funded schools across the province.

The province will committ $90 million in funding to the second wave of the broadband modernization project. The UGDSB and WCDSB were fortunate enough to be involved at the ground level of the project in Wave 1. 

UGDSB staff have already heard numerous success stories from teachers of how the improved access to high-speed internet has changed their classroom. Teachers have said that the upgrades made to our network speed and capacity have made lessons more interactive and inquiry-based, and classrooms more collaborative. 

“Improving access to high-speed internet will enable more students and educators to access high-quality online courses and resources regardless of where they attend school, helping students to learn the transferable skills that they need in a globally connected and technology-engaged world,” stated the province in a press release issued Wednesday. 

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