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Erin District High School Co-op program prepares students for workforce 

October 13, 2021

GUELPH, Ontario — It took three things for Erin District High School Student, Keegan G, to receive Co-op Student Employee of the Month: a positive attitude, positive feedback from his employer, and a perfectly up-to-date log sheet of course. 

Erin DHS co-op student. October 2021.

Students at Erin DHS are experiencing first hand what it’s like to work a full-time job. 

The environment in the workplace is quite different than being at school and the students learn what it is like to have responsibilities to co-workers, customers and supervisors,” said head co-op teacher, David Murphy. 

Erin DHS’s co-op placement program is one its students can enroll in like their other courses. Once enrolled Murphy will have a meeting with each student to find out where their interests lie. When the course begins, students prepare for their placement by creating cover letters and resumes, learning about the relevant employment legislation and completing various health and safety modules, lessons and certifications.

Murphy described that there were a list of diversified career fields that students had been placed into; among them were pharmacies, agricultural equipment services, and event management.

At the same time, students working in an apprentice trade also participate in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. In these situations students work toward meeting some of the trade standards and if they later get hired on in that industry, some of their co-op hours can count toward their apprenticeship.   

Murphy said that students benefit in a lot of ways from their co-op placement, “Students are able to see what it is like to work in an industry they are considering for their future to see if it is right for them.” 

 Note: The co-op placement program at Erin District High School is always looking for community partners for students to be placed at. If your business or organization is interested in participating you can speak with David Murphy at [email protected] or 519-833-9665 ext 265

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