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Grade 5 students at Paisley Road PS pitch products during ‘Panthers’ Den’

March 13, 2020

GUELPH, Ontario – Students at Paisley Road Public School have been busy coming up with ideas to pitch during their ‘Panthers’ Den’ showcase.

Grade 5 students had the unique opportunity to pitch original products to a panel of “investors” at the school. The Panthers’ Den was a Dragons’ Den style event, where students created an original product or idea, pitched the idea to a panel and had the panel compete to “invest” in the product. Panthers’ Den was hosted at the school over three days.

In preparation for the showcase, students researched ideas, created marketing strategies, developed a plan for how much money they were asking investors for, and made prototypes. Prototypes included a clip-on desk water bottle holder to avoid spillage, a non-profit start-up that would buy books for Indigenous communities, a strap-on umbrella for dogs to keep them dry, a podcast to educate people about Black History, a door mat that sets off an alert to help dissuade intruders and many more creative ideas.

The Panthers were very impressed with the ideas and prototypes that students presented and every student who presented had interested “investors.”

Grade 5 students will continue their learning by creating business and marketing plans based on the feedback they received from the Panthers.

Great work, Paisley Road PS, your original ideas were innovative and creative in design.

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