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Grade 6 students at J.D. Hogarth PS bring kindness to the community

February 14, 2018

FERGUS, Ontario – Grade 6 students at J.D. Hogarth Public School who participate in the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Kids program, teamed up and completed random acts of kindness in the community.

The students started their acts of kindness last fall with the help of Constable Jen Tschanz. In the fall, students created a “Rake and Run” initiative. Students from the school brought rakes to various neighbourhoods, raked the leaves on the lawns of houses and put them into bags at the curb.

The students had a similar idea this winter. Instead of rakes, they brought shovels and shoveled driveways and sidewalks.

Many members of the community took to social media to express their gratitude to the students for the positive impacts they are making in the community.

One member of the community took their gratitude one-step further by sending the students a package. The package contained photos and information about two donkeys, named Cocao and Moses that live in the Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham. This community member expressed their gratitude by adopting the animals in the name of the students.

Students were so excited to see the impact that their kindness had on others and were thrilled to see others paying it forward.

The OPP Kids program is offered to grade 6 students in 32 schools in Wellington County. This program takes place over eight to ten weeks. The goal of the program is to build healthy relationships, personal boundaries, and safe social media and online practises.

JD Hogarth Random Acts Of Kindness

Photo courtesy of Wellington County OPP

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