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Highlights from Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week at UGDSB schools

November 26, 2021 

As the week comes to an end we are so proud of the incredible work our schools have done for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. Art projects were made, students participated in activities, and all together we thought critically about what it means to be a bully, be bullied, or be a bystander. Here’s a closer look at what just a few schools have done this week. 

James McQueen Public School

Loretta and Andrea started the ‘Chain of Kindness’ project in their classroom. Every time a student is seen showing an act of kindness, they’re celebrated by writing it down on one of the strips and then adding it to their paper chain. The chain of kindness has extended beyond their classrooms with other classes joining in and paper being sent home with parents so they can share how their child/ren are being kind at home too. 

Laurelwoods Elementary School

At Laurelwoods they have done art projects with the students answering prompts like “what makes you feel safe?” and “what brings you joy?” This week they’ve also been following the mantra, “spread kindness like confetti!”

Norwell District Secondary School

Norwell District SS held their BAPW last week. They participated in a school wide activity called “Walk in My Shoes”. They asked staff and students to answer the prompt, “if you really knew me, you would know that…”. This exercise was all in the hopes of helping someone else who may be silently battling the same thing.

Hyland Heights Elementary School

Hyland Heights did various activities for BAPW like announcements, artwork, class lessons, discussions, and learning tasks. 

John Black Public School

At John Black PS they took on the theme of kindness for the week. Each day, students and staff would participate in different activities. Monday was Random Acts of Kindness Day. Tuesday was to find someone new and say hello. Wednesday was to smile at five new people. Thursday was Thankful Thursday, to find someone and write them a thank you note. Lastly, Friday was to compliment at least five people. 

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