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Hyland Heights’ students take on 30 days of kindness

January 21, 2022

What difference would it make in our schools and communities if we were kind to another for 30 days straight?

That’s what students and staff at Hyland Heights Elementary School are looking to discover with their ‘30 Days of Kindness’ initiative.

The intention behind the initiative is to spread kindness during a month that can sometimes be challenging for a lot of students. 

“At first, we were going to do a challenge for every day in January, but quickly shifted to the first 30 days from when we were all back together again.  We start every day by discussing the goal for each day and students and staff are encouraged to complete each one,” said vice-principal Andrea Papavasiliou.

Everyday the students come in and view the challenge of the day that’s posted on their 30 Days of Kindness bulletin board. Some prompts have been “Tell three people why you think they’re awesome” and “Write a thank you note to a staff member at Hyland Heights ES.” 

Staff and students hope they can share the impact it has made on their school by the end of the 30 days. 

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