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June Avenue PS student named Autism Speaks Walk Ambassador

June 13, 2018

Quinn, a student from June Avenue Public School, has been named the Walk Ambassador for Guelph’s Autism Speaks Canada Walk.GUELPH, Ontario – A young student from June Avenue Public School has been named the Walk Ambassador for Guelph’s Autism Speaks Canada Walk.

Quinn, now eight years old, was diagnosed with autism when she was two. An energetic and humorous kid, she describes autism as her super power. She says that having autism means that she learns differently and can have difficulty expressing her emotions. She also can look at things in very different ways.

“I am so excited to be chosen as the Walk Ambassador for this year’s Guelph Autism Speaks Canada Walk,” said Quinn on the Autism Speaks website. “My family and I love spreading awareness for autism and encouraging family, friends and strangers to ask us about our journey.”

Guelph’s Autism Speaks Canada Walk will take place on Sunday June 17 at the Arboretum, at the University of Guelph.

Autism Speaks Canada’s walk events are the single most important fundraising initiative for the organization. Organizers say, “The walks bring the community together while providing an opportunity to make connections and feel the support of donors, sponsors, local media, community partners, and corporate sponsors.”

You can learn more about the Guelph walk online

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