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Kindergarten students to take virtual field trip to Santa’s workshop


For Immediate Release
December 10, 2008

GUELPH, Ontario — Kindergarten students at three Upper Grand schools will take a virtual field trip to the North Pole to visit Santa in his workshop on Friday December 12.

Paisley Road, Rockwood Centennial and Brant Avenue have signed on to this inaugural video conference and will be able to interact directly with Santa and Mrs. Claus thanks to video conferencing technology.

Each school will have two sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each to talk to Santa, ask him questions, or even serenade him with a song. Teachers are working with their students to plan questions and activities for their video conference that will allow interaction with Santa in an educational way.

Developed by Ron Berti, the board’s Video Conferencing Administrator with help from Principal Brent MacDonald, the sessions showcase how schools can use video conferencing as a teaching and learning tool that’s fun for students. Other board office staff are helping “behind the scenes” to make this a memorable event.

Various other video conference projects in schools bring scientists and researchers into the classroom for presentations and discussions, and classes can be connected with others near and far. For example, a grade 6 class at Guelph’s Kortright Hills Public School participated in a direct link-up with a grade 6 class in Iqaluit and developed friendships with their peers in the Far North.

For more information: Maggie McFadzen, Communications Officer, 519.822.4420 ext. 725, [email protected]

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