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Learning about renewable energy in grade 5 at Sir Isaac Brock PS

February 2, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – From potato power to solar energy, grade 5 students at Sir Isaac Brock Public School are having a blast learning about renewable energy through projects and presentations.

Mrs. Miller challenged her students to create a model that uses a renewable source of energy, as well as write a presentation to describe their model and all that they learned. 

The top five students in her class, as voted by their peers, won an opportunity to present to Principal Ms. Skerritt and Vice-Principal Mrs. Soule. Mrs. Soule and Ms. Skerritt said they were quite impressed with the knowledge and learning that these students acquired through this project. 

Sir Isaac Brock PS Grade 5 Renewable Energy Projects

Adrien created a solar energy model and shared what he learned – “When solar panels work the sun goes through the PN junction and the photons from the sun are turned into energy,” he said

Isabel created solar powered lights in her model and she learned that “Solar energy is renewable because the sun is renewable.”

Ty’s model used potato power to power a town. He learned that “a potato battery mixed with the zinc in nails and copper wire can create energy.”

Izzy created a solar-powered ice cream truck and she discovered that “solar power creates energy from the sun that is then stored in the battery to help make things run.”

Tyler learned that “renewable energy is important because if we use non-renewable energy we will run out and then we won’t have any energy.” Tyler was able to demonstrate this with his model of a solar powered car.

This exciting learning opportunity gets Sir Isaac Brock PS one step closer to its Ontario EcoSchools certification and is one of the many exciting lessons happening around SIB. 

Ms. Skerritt and Mrs. Soule said they are incredibly proud of all the students at SIB and love to share the exciting things that they are learning.

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