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Major gains made by students in provincial EQAO grade 9 math assessments


For Immediate Release
September 17, 2009

GUELPH, Ontario — Students in grade 9 mathematics programs at Upper Grand secondary schools continue to achieve above provincial averages in the annual EQAO assessments showing a five percentage point gain for students studying at the applied level, and six percentage points for those in academic programs.

With only 38% of the province’s applied level students reaching the standard (level three and four on a four point scale) in applied math, Upper Grand’s students with their 52% achievement level is rewarding not only for students, but for their teachers, principals and board staff who have used the data from past years to prove that a focus on new teaching strategies is making a difference.

Efforts in teaching the academic program are also pushing students to new heights, with 83% of those students reaching the standard compared with 77% province-wide.

“These results are a good news story,” said chair of the board, Bob Borden. We’ve been steadily working to bring up these scores with a concerted effort from our student success initiatives, and from math teachers and department heads, and curriculum leaders who support teachers in the classroom.”

Special needs students, some of whom received accommodations, such as being allowed more time to write the assessment, scored at 68% in the academic program and 42% in applied.

There is significant focus on students in grade 9 who are currently at risk of leaving high school without the mathematical ability needed to succeed in today’s world. Revised resources available from the Ministry of Education, reviewing the data to find out what specific questions and areas cause students the most difficulty, and linking elementary and secondary schools through the board’s new math coaching projects will continue in future years. The use of smart boards and other technology is also a focus for teaching and learning.

The assessment provides information on how students are learning the Ontario Curriculum. Ninety-five percent of students eligible to take the applied test and 99% of those enrolled in academic programs wrote the assessments in either semester one or semester two during the 2008-09 school year.

Full results are available on the Board’s website: 

For more information: Maggie McFadzen, Communications Officer, 519-822-4420, ext. 725
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