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ODSS surprises elementary students with Random Acts of Kindness

May 11, 2018

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – There’s a whole lot of kindness spreading around Orangeville District Secondary School these days.

The school’s Grade 12 Leadership class is running a Random Acts of Kindness campaign, encouraging others to pay it forward. The campaign officially begins on May 28 and runs for two weeks.

As part of the Leadership program, students break off into small groups and run events at the school. One group had not yet picked a focus, and so Mr. Padayachee suggested donating new bikes to local elementary students. The group loved the idea and ran with it.

They reached out to Canadian Tire’s head office in Toronto and told them about their bike initiative. Canadian Tire jumped on board, saying they would love to be involved.

They also reached out to Princess Margaret Public School to see if there were any children who would benefit from the donation of a new bike.

The group then worked on raising money to purchase the new bikes. They decided to purchase silicon rings adorned with a Pay It Forward message, and sold them at ODSS. Using the profits from the ring sale, the group was able to buy two new bikes. They later found out that Canadian Tire wanted to donate the bikes to their cause, at no cost.

On May 7, the Leadership class assembled the bikes. Mr. Padayachee split the class into two groups and picked a student from each group who was tasked with leading their group through the assembly process. One leader was assigned the role of an Autocratic leader and the other took a Democratic approach. At the end of class they talked about the different leadership styles.

It was then that Mr. Padayachee told the entire class about the bike initiative that the small group of students had been working on and that they were going to head over to Princess Margaret PS that day to give two students the bikes. “The class was quite moved and excited to be a part of this,” said Mr. Padayachee.

They walked over to the elementary school to meet the two young students. After explaining the Random Acts of Kindness campaign and giving them each a Pay It Forward ring, the ODSS students surprised the Princess Margaret students with the new bikes.

Way to go ODSS Bears – UGDSB, let’s all pay it forward!

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