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Primrose ES receives gift of music from Royal City Ukulele Ensemble

April 21, 2022

The UGDSB’s Curriculum Department is excited to announced that Primrose Elementary School was named the recipient of a generous gift from the Royal City Ukulele Ensemble (RCUE). 

The Ensemble has been fundraising over the past three years, and wanted to gift a class in the Upper Grand with an incredible package. The gift includes a set of 30 ukuleles and gig bags built by family-owned and respected ukulele company, Ohana Music; access to digital downloads for classroom method books; access to an online teacher toolkit; a special performance by the Ensemble; and a special question and answer session with RCUE Director and music educator Cynthia Kinnunen.

The elementary Arts Curriculum leader informed grade 4-8 classes of this opportunity and ultimately Jennifer Robertson’s class at Primrose Elementary School was named the recipient of the gift.

Primrose ES has a great plan for how the RCUE education package will be used, with students across multiple grade levels, including lessons, recess clubs, with the goal of building skills and performing as a group. The school would also make rich curriculum connects and engage the school’s Learning Buddies in the program.

“We know that music brings people together, from all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures and we know that our students do not have experience playing an instrument in a group setting. We would all be grateful for an opportunity to come together to make music,” said Robertson.

The Royal City Ukulele Ensemble created a performance for Primrose ES to help them celebrate music and the creativity and community connection that music brings. You can view the video here

Congratulations to Primrose ES and thank you to the Royal City Ukulele Ensemble!

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