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Procedure for high school exams if buses are cancelled

January 25, 2023

There are 5 days of exams set aside for secondary schools, Semester 1. Should an inclement weather day (with cancelled buses) occur during Days 1 to 4, the entire exam schedule and professional activity day, and start date for semester 2 will move forward by the number of snow days for the affected area(s) of the District only.

When buses are cancelled on an exam day, staff are expected to be on-site and follow the inclement weather guidelines where appropriate.

In addition to the procedures above, please note the following:

In all cases, if buses are cancelled on Day 5, the exam schedule, PA Day and start of semester 2 do not change. Should an inclement weather day occur on the Professional Activity Day, no adjustment will be made in the schedule for the commencement of semester 2.

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