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Registration for 2021-22 UGDSB Secondary Remote Learning runs August 3-12, 2021

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2021

The Upper Grand District School Board is looking forward to welcoming students back in September 2021. 

The UGDSB will offer a remote learning option for students in the 2021-22 school year. Please note that the UGDSB remote learning program for the 2021-22 school year will NOT be a “hybrid model.” Remote learning classes will be staffed by dedicated remote learning teachers.

Please see below for information about 2021-22 Secondary Remote Learning and to register for remote learning.

Secondary In-Person Learning

In-person learning for Grade 9-12+ students in 2021-22 will include the following: 

Secondary Remote Learning Information

While we believe that in-person learning best supports students, we recognize that some families may want their child to learn remotely, due to their unique circumstances.

Families should be aware that there will be some differences in the remote learning program in 2021-22 compared to what we were able to offer in the 2020-21 school year. For instance, with more students expected to return to in-person learning, the board’s ability to offer a similar breadth of remote programs as was offered during the 2020-2021 school may be limited. Additionally, the decision families make about remote learning vs in-person learning for 2021-22 will be for the entire high school semester, as movement between learning modes can cause disruptions for many students and classrooms.

IMPORTANT: Secondary students and families are asked to review the information posted on the UGDSB website for details about the 2021-22 Secondary Remote program, as well as information on the availability of French Immersion programming and Specialized Class Placements for next year: 

Secondary Remote Registration

Registration for Secondary Remote Learning is from August 3-12, 2021. This decision is for the entirety of Semester 1. Students and families will have an opportunity to choose between remote or in-person learning before the start of Semester 2. 

To register for the 2021-22 Secondary Remote Learning option students/parents are asked to click the following link and complete the Registration Form:

Do not complete the Registration Form if you would like your child(ren) to attend school in-person. 

Secondary Remote Course Selection

Students enrolling in Secondary Remote Learning must complete their course selection by August 13, 2021, at 4pm. Students are asked to complete their course selection through their myBlueprint account (found on the UGCloud landing page). 


*Please note that elementary and secondary have different processes and timelines. Please see below for a reminder of the different timelines. 




Informal survey to gauge interest in remote learning for next school year


May 6-17, 2021

Detailed information about remote learning program shared with families

May 20, 2021

July 2021

Registration for remote learning begins

May 20, 2021

August 3, 2021

Registration for remote learning deadline

June 3, 2021, at 4pm

August 12, 2021, at 4pm

Secondary Remote course selection deadline


August 13, 2021, at 4pm

Final review of enrolments and class organizations/timetables

Late August 2021

Late August 2021

Annual reorganization of classes

September 2021



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