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Rickson Ridge PS starts a ‘school sign challenge’ with shout-out to healthcare workers

September 21, 2021

Students and staff at Rickson Ridge Public School love their healthcare workers as much as they love their teddy bears.

In support of the immense work healthcare workers have done during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff at Rickson Ridge PS decided to change the sign outside their school. Their sign now reads: “We love health care workers as much as teddy bears!”

Staff had asked their students to finish the sentence “We love our health care workers as much as…”, and the students had some great answers “…as pumpkin spice lattes”, “….as bacon”, but teddy bears came out on top.

The school shared a photo of the Rickson sign on Twitter, encouraging other schools to join in. 

Rickson Ridge Ps Sign Challenge Sept 2021

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