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Rickson Ridge PS students organize visit from Indigenous author Tara White

January 10, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – Three students from Rickson Ridge Public School organized a classroom visit from one of the authors featured in their grade 8 book study.

Several students in Ms. Walker’s Grade 8 class had the opportunity to read Where I Belong by Tara White as part of their Indigenous book study. The students, Grace, Mackenzie and Vivian, were so interested in the book and the project that followed the study that they decided to contact White and invite her to speak to the classroom about her book and how she became an author.

Tara White Visit At Rickson Ridge PS

Tara White is an Indigenous Canadian author of two books, a novel for young adults Where I Belong, and a children’s book I Like Who I Am. Both of White’s published books have Indigenous plotlines and themes.

Where I Belong shares the tale of a girl’s self-discovery during the Oka uprising in 1990. White visited Rickson Ridge PS on January 10 to talk to students about the book and how it features some elements inspired by her life as a Mohawk woman originally from Kahnawake, Quebec. White also spoke to students about perseverance and always following your dream.

Tara White Visit At Rickson Ridge PS 2

After her formal presentation, White stayed behind to answer student questions and look at the student projects inspired by the book study, which focused on Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples.

Tara White Visit At Rickson Ridge PS 3

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