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Students at John McCrae PS hear experiences from front line workers

June 12, 2020

GUELPH, Ontario – Students in David Kaufman’s grade 6 class at John McCrae Public School got the chance to hear from two front line workers this month.

Each year, Kaufman likes to host a ‘speaker series’ in June for his class by inviting parents and members of the community to share their knowledge and experiences. He does this because he knows that some of the best learning comes when students are exposed to things beyond the classroom.

This year, things needed to be a little different, so Kaufman reached out to two front line workers in his family and asked them if they would do a recorded interview for his class about their experiences as front line workers during a pandemic.

The interviews featured firefighter Adina Kaufman and an emergency room doctor, Dr. Kaufman, and covered many topics. Students learned how the impact of COVID-19 has changed firefighting and emergency room procedures. They also learned the significance of education in establishing one’s career and the challenges and importance of breaking traditional gender roles in the workplace.

Kaufman said that his students enjoyed seeing him interact with people in the video while asking the questions. The videos also inspired some students to share their own connections to front line workers and to learn and reflect on the content of the videos. 

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