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UGDSB schools host end of year gala for GrandPals program

June 21, 2018

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – On June 19, Island Lake Public School and Spencer Avenue Elementary School each hosted a year-end gala for everyone involved in the GrandPals program.

GrandPals brings together students and seniors, bridging generations and offering rich intergenerational programming. Students and seniors meet regularly, asking questions, sharing stories and developing genuine friendships. The project encourages seniors to remain deeply connected with the community and students benefit from the wisdom of their elders.

ILPS Grandpals 2018 3

The GrandPals initiative was originally developed at Montgomery Village Public School, and it has evolved from year to year.

Island Lake PS hosted a gala and appreciation event for students and their GrandPals at the Lord Dufferin Retirement Centre in Orangeville. The event included each student personally thanking their GrandPal with a short presentation and a reception with treats and coffee and tea.

Spencer Avenue ES hosted “a celebration across the ages” at the school on June 19. Students exhibited various components they worked on throughout the year and showcased to family and community members everything they learned through the GrandPals program.

ILPS Grandpals 2018 4

Montgomery Village PS will be hosting their GrandPals gala later this month.

Spencer Ave GrandPals Gala June 19, 2018

The impact of the program was truly felt at the events through students sharing their stories and expressing a desire to continue visiting their GrandPals during the summer months.

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