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UGDSB Schools Shine in EcoSchools Program, Showcasing Exceptional Environmental Leadership

For Immediate Release
June 20, 2024

GUELPH, ON – We are thrilled to announce that UGDSB schools have been actively participating in the EcoSchools program throughout the year. This program provides a structured framework that fosters environmental learning and inspires proactive action.

Each school starts by evaluating their current sustainable practices. They then create a comprehensive plan focusing on key areas such as energy conservation, waste reduction, school ground greening, and integrating environmental topics into the curriculum. Schools implement their plans, documenting participation and the impact of their actions within the EcoSchools framework. Initiatives earn points that contribute to a school’s final EcoSchool certification rating, with achievements recognized at Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels. Platinum status is awarded to schools that demonstrate exemplary environmental practices and leadership.

This year, 26 UGDSB schools participated in the program, with 10 of them achieving the prestigious Platinum Status. Special congratulations go to Wellington Heights Secondary School, Primrose Elementary School, and Ken Danby Public School for attaining the highest scores among participating schools.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all schools and individuals who took part in the EcoSchools program. Your dedication and hard work are driving positive change and promoting a sustainable future for our community. Keep up the outstanding efforts!


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