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UGDSB Together: Celebrating International Day of Pink at the UGDSB

April 21, 2022

GUELPH, ON – Shades of pink adorn the halls, classrooms, and clothes of students in the Upper Grand District School Board. 

The UGDSB celebrated the International Day of Pink on April 13. The International Day of Pink is a worldwide anti-bullying, anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia event.  

Since the International Day of Pink’s inception, students and schools have taken up the mantle of recognizing this day’s purpose: to create a more inclusive and diverse global society, by encouraging young people to challenge social norms, to ask more of their educators and school systems, and to stand up against bullying toward their 2SLGBTQIA+ peers. 

We’re so happy to share how students and staff at the UGDSB did their part in celebrating the International Day of Pink not only by wearing pink clothing, but with the curriculum and resources that were shared, and through the policies and values that are implemented at each of our schools. 

Below are just some of the ways the International Day of Pink was celebrated.


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