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UGLearnGreen: ‘Buy Nothing Day’ brings awareness to over-consumption

November 25, 2021

Tomorrow is ‘Black Friday,’ which is one of the busiest shopping days in North America. But do you know about Buy Nothing Day? Buy Nothing Day falls on November 26 this year. It’s a day to bring awareness and examine the issue of over-consumption in our society. 

We can use the ‘4 Rs’ to combat over-consumption: repair, reduce, reuse, recycle. Using the 4 R method we can create an economy that aims for ‘better’ and not ‘more’. Before items and products end up in the trash and ultimately in landfills, put them through the 4 Rs cycle. Can it be repaired? Can it be reused by someone else? Can it be reduced into something else? And lastly, can it be recycled? 

There are many great activities families can participate in for Buy Nothing Day, including: 

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