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UGLearnGreen: Celebrate Earth Hour on March 30

Throughout the school year, UGDSB Environmental Sustainability Lead Karen Acton shares tips and resources that help UGDSB students and staff celebrate our planet. Additional information on environmental initiatives in the UGDSB can be found on the board website.

This Earth Hour, help shine a light on climate change – switch off your light and switch on your social power. Celebrate Earth Hour on March 30 at 8:30 p.m.

Earth Hour’s mission is uniting people to protect the planet by raising awareness of about climate change and encouraging positive action.

Earth Hour is more than an event. It is a movement that has achieved massive environmental impact, including legislation changes by harnessing the power of the crowd. The 2019 #Connect2Earth campaign aims to raise awareness on the important role of nature in our lives and the benefits nature provides, from good food, clean air, fresh water, to so much more. 

Ideas for your family to do this Earth Hour

A simple event can be just turning off all non-essential lights on Saturday March 30 from 8:30-9:30 p.m. For one hour, focus on your commitment to our planet. To celebrate, you can:

The possibilities are endless!

Most UGDSB schools will celebrate Earth Hour on Friday March 29. You are encouraged this Earth Hour to join millions around the world on Saturday March 30 to turn off the lights and speak up why nature matters.

Karen Action is the Environmental Sustainability Lead for Upper Grand District School Board.
See how UGDSB students and staff are making a difference for the environment: #UGLearnGreen

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