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UGLearnGreen: November 29 is Buy Nothing Day

Throughout the school year, the Upper Grand District School Board shares tips and resources that help UGDSB students and staff celebrate our planet. Additional Information on environmental initiatives in the UGDSB can be found on the board website.

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day on November 29th

Buy Nothing Day is an awareness day highlighting society’s habit of buying too many things. It is a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption and is held on ‘Black Friday,’ which is one of the busiest shopping days in North America.

“We are…consuming and trashing clothing at a far higher rate than our planet can handle. Today’s trends are tomorrow’s trash. The only solution is to reduce our levels of consumption.” Dr. Kirsten Brodde of Greenpeace Germany

Repair, reduce, re-use, recycle – 4 Rs are best

One idea to mark Buy Nothing Day or to reduce our levels of consumption is to re-think the traditional 3 Rs, with a focus on buying fewer items that last longer. “Repair, reduce, re-use and recycle” could be the new 4 Rs.

Some ideas for your family on Buy Nothing Day:

See how UGDSB students and staff are making a difference for the environment: #UGLearnGreen

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