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‘UGTalks about’ initiative centres student voice on issues of social justice

June 16, 2021

This year, the Upper Grand District School Board launched ‘UGTalks about’ – an initiative inspired by TED Talks, to centre student voice.

‘UGTalks about’ launched as a pilot project this year and will be open across the board in the 2021-22 school year. The goal of the initiative is to empower students to open a conversation on social justice topics that lead to change within and beyond the walls of the school. The hope is that the initiative will inspire others to understand and act on social justice needs and injustices.

Staff developed a process for students interested in participating, which includes developing an understanding of TED Talks, brainstorming ideas for topics, researching and talking to people impacted by the topics they have chosen, planning and drafting their script, getting feedback, making revisions as needed, and finally producing and publishing the video.

‘UGTalks about’ videos are being housed internally on the board’s Learn360 platform for internal viewing and are available to staff to be used as a teaching tool. Videos created this year covered a range of topics including Black Brilliance, Allyship, Gender Identity and more.

Keep an eye out for exciting things to come from ‘UGTalks about’!

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