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WHSS students and staff harvest potatoes for the local food bank

October 31, 2019

MOUNT FOREST, Ontario – A chance encounter has led to a boon for the local food bank.

Students and staff at Wellington Heights Secondary School harvested nearly 400 pounds of potatoes, donating the bounty to the food bank.

It’s food that otherwise would have gone to waste, but thanks to the observant eye of WHSS teacher Dave Griffiths, the potatoes will go people in the community.

Earlier this month, Griffiths was driving by a farm field, owned by Lewis Land and Stock. He was watching a farmer harvesting potatoes when he noticed that the farm equipment was leaving potatoes behind.

Griffiths asked the farmer if he and his class could come to the farm and harvest the potatoes and the farmer agreed, adding “Bring the whole school.”

So, Mr. Griffiths and students from the school’s Life Skills class returned to the farm and harvested 370 pounds of large potatoes. The next day they sorted the potatoes, making sure any damaged potatoes weren’t sent to the food bank. Rather, they would keep the damaged potatoes at the school to make French fries.

Well done Wellington Heights!

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