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Willow Road PS dances for autism awareness 

April 25, 2023 

GUELPH, ON – Students and staff at Willow Road Public School gathered together on April 25, 2023, to promote autism awareness and acceptance.  

This school initiative, which saw the entire school participate in a Flash Mob, was led by Karrie Brutzki, teacher for LRC10 and Bonnie Sears, Special Education Resource Teacher. 

According to Brutzki, “In the month of April students at Willow Road Public School have been learning about the difference between autism awareness and acceptance. Awareness is an important first step towards acceptance, however, it is not the end goal. Awareness is knowing that someone has autism – acceptance is inviting that person to do something with you. At Willow this month we have been focusing on acceptance, which is about taking action.” 

Brutzki continued to say, “Many people in the autistic community refer to themselves as ‘neurodiverse’. This language is used to capture the difference in the way their brains function rather than emphasizing deficiencies, missing pieces, or the need for cures. People with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Tourette’s syndrome are all neurodiverse. We can say that we embrace diversity, but we must show that this is true through our actions.” 

To show their awareness and acceptance for this great cause, students and staff at Willow Road PS have been busy learning their part to the dance that would then become a flash mob. 

According to Sears, on April 25, 2023, “Willow students showed up and took action in their brightest colours to deliver the message of love and acceptance and to shine a light on the beauty of neurodiversity. We came together in ‘flash mob’ style dancing to Megan Trainor’s song I Love Me.”   

The students and staff at Willow Road PS have a challenge for you! This spring they are challenging other UGDSB schools to come together in action for something that you believe in! 

If you accept this challenge from Willow Road PS, send us the pictures of you taking action through Twitter @ugdsb. 

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