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Willow Road PS opens classrooms to families to showcase literacy work

May 11, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – Willow Road Public School is sharing with families the work being done at the school in literacy.

On Thursday May 10, Willow Road held a Literacy Hour event after school. The event was part of the School Council’s Parent Reaching Out grant from the Ministry of Education.

Once school had let out for the day, the classroom doors remained open, as parents and guardians were invited to visit their children’s classrooms and see the work being done in literacy.

Willow Road Literacy Hour event, May 10, 2018.

The goal of the event was to focus in on a number of questions: what does literacy look like? What do marks in literacy mean? How is literacy assessed?

Classroom teachers showcased a number of different things, for example, one class showcased work produced from guided reading sessions, novel studies and cross-curricular projects. Another classroom displayed resumes that students made to secure volunteer hours this summer, built using the myBlueprint planning tool.  

Willow Road Literacy Hour event, May 10, 2018.

Also on display was work completed by primary students following a visit and reading by author Renna Bruce.

The event highlighted not just student work but also the approach the school takes with literacy, including how it’s assessed and instructional practices.

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