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Orangeville/South Dufferin French Immersion (FI) Boundary Review

Since the start of FI in Orangeville/Dufferin, the JK FI cohort size has increased significantly. There were more than 100 students entering JK FI at PEPS in the 2015 and 2016 school year. This FI growth has resulted in overcrowding at both PEPS and MAPS. In November 2016, trustees approved the start of a new FI program for North Dufferin at Centennial Hylands ES. As a result of this decision, the immediate enrolment pressure at PEPS and MAPS will be relieved for 2017/18. However, by 2018/19, the projected increase in FI at MAPS means its total enrolment will exceed its maximum capacity.

The Orangeville/South Dufferin FI Boundary Review ran from February to April, 2017. The purpose of the review was to resolve the longer term overcrowding concerns at Princess Elizabeth PS and Mono-Amaranth PS. At the Board meeting on April 25, 2017, trustees approved the recommendations of the review, including the creation of a new FI program beginning in September 2018. The new FI program will be offered at Parkinson Centennial PS (JK-3 FI) and Spencer Ave ES (4-8 FI).

Parkinson Centennial PS will accommodate JK-3 FI effective September 2018 and Spencer Ave ES will begin accommodating grades 4-5 FI in September 2020, with the program growing to accommodate grades 4-8 FI by 2023/2024. The grade configuration at Princess Elizabeth PS and Mono-Amaranth PS will be altered so that by the 2019/20 school year, Princess Elizabeth PS will accommodate JK-5 FI and Mono-Amaranth PS will accommodate grades 6-8 FI.

The Final Report of the Orangeville/South Dufferin FI Boundary Review outlines the boundary changes in further detail.

The following FI boundary maps are effective for the 2018/19 school year, with grandparenting exceptions: