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Erin Sports Field


For several years, the Erin District High School community has advocated for the development of a full size football/rugby pitch on the Erin DHS/Centre2000 property.

An Open House was held on June 20, 2017, to share the concept plan for the refurbishment of the sports field at Erin PS, the school yard greening concept, and other site amenity improvements with the school and with the broader community. Concept plans and display boards from the public open house are posted below.

A recommendation report was presented to trustees at the Business Operations Committee meeting on September 12, 2017. At the Board meeting  on September 26, 2017, Trustees approved the recommendations for the redevelopment of the sports field at Erin PS.


Work is targeted to begin in Spring 2018 with the majority of work being completed during the Summer of 2018. Due to the time required for the grass to recover and become established, access to the field inside the track will be restricted to, at minimum, Spring of 2019. Competitive play by Erin DHS sports teams and full access by Erin PS is not expected to be possible until Fall 2019.