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Policy 521 Admission and Registration

Public Consultation and Policy Feedback

Public consultation on this new draft policy is now closed.

This new policy addresses the registration process for students attending UGDSB schools and outlines how students may be able to attend a school that is different than their designated home school or who reside outside the jurisdiction of the Upper Grand District School Board.

Under this policy, applications for Out of Area (OOA) and Out of District (OOD) attendance will be limited to those schools which are designated annually as being “open” to new OOA and OOD students. This change in process will allow enrolment to be balanced across the board’s schools and help to ensure an efficient use of space while supporting the board’s long-term accommodation planning.

A change in the approvals process for OOA and OOD attendance will see those students who are approved being permitted to remain at the same school until graduation or for the remainder of grades at that school. This will support stability and continuity for these students and families.

This policy will replace Policy 501 – Out of Area and Out of District Attendance and there will be multiple procedures developed to operationalize this policy.

Draft Policy


Public consultation on this policy is now closed.