Spring Fundraiser

Posted March 23, 2019

Good morning!! We’re so excited to say our Online Auction to raise money for our School is starting again!! As of the Saturday March 23, at 9am the auction will be open to post items you wish to sell! Some suggestions may be, sports gear kids have grown out of, gently used household items, a gift certificate or service from your business and the list goes on!

You can be added to the Online Auction and check things out by searching Brisbane Public School Online Auction on Facebook. We have found this platform was the simplest to run by reaching the most people! If you have any issues finding the group page please email Dayna Haw at daynahaw@gmail.com.

Last year we had so many incredible things up to bid on and the school benefits so much from this!!
So if you’re doing some Spring Cleaning think of adding some articles to the auction. Funds raised go to support our students at Brisbane through School Council. ❤️

Dayna Haw-Fundraising Chair

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