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CCVI Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up – Safe Procedures

As you are aware, there is a significant amount of traffic around the school during drop off and pickup times. We want to be respectful of our neighbours and keep residential streets clear. Please refrain from parking on Vanier Dr. and surrounding residential complexes. We understand this is frustrating as the parking lot is gridlocked with buses and student cars. We encourage students to be active by walking or biking to school and please consider dropping off or picking up students closer to the mall or some area side streets.   Please note where your child can be dropped-off and picked-up safely. Our Safe Easy student drop-off and pick-up lane allows all school buses to enter the parking lot & advance to the bus drop-off/pick-up zone. The side driveway to the parking lot is now one way only. When Parents drop-off /pick-up students they must enter the side driveway & immediately turn to the left and pull as far up in the line as they can. The student drop- off /pick-up zone is designated by diagonal yellow lines on the pavement.  Once the student has safely exited/entered the vehicle then all vehicles must pull forward & exit by the traffic lights at College and Janefield.   Only when Pre-Approved by the Main Office –  May a student be dropped-off or picked-up at our front driveway to the school.   We must keep this area clear as our Special Needs buses are dropping off & picking up students in our front driveway therefore there is no student drop-off or pick-up in our front driveway.  Thanks for your cooperation in maintaining a safe school environment.

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