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What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training, work experience and technical training in a trade. 

You can train as an apprentice in one of more than 150 skilled trades in Ontario.

There are several different paths to finding an apprenticeship in Ontario. Most people follow the traditional route of finding an employer who will agree to hire and train you.



You can explore various apprenticeships on My Blueprint.  Select the My Blueprint icon once you are signed into UGCLOUD. Click on “Post-Secondary” then “Apprenticeship.”  Find information on various apprenticeships and read the Apprenticeship Guide for Ontario Students. 

How to Begin an Apprenticeship

1. Traditional Route – The individual looking for an apprenticeship is responsible for finding an employer who will hire  and sponsor them for an apprenticeship. Submit an online application and if approved, the employer and the apprentice sign an Apprenticeship Training contract with the MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges, Universities)  to begin work as an apprentice.  

MTCU Apprenticeship Office, Kitchener

4275 King St East Ste 200, Kitchener, N2P 2E9 Phone: 519-653-5758

2. College Route – Many Ontario Colleges  offer diploma programs related to skilled trades. These programs require a high school diploma and can take two or three years to complete. A college graduate with a diploma in a skilled trade may be successful in finding an employer willing to register him/her as an apprentice afterwards.

3. Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program – While still in secondary school, young people with the help of an OYAP coordinator, register as apprentices. These students complete a co-operative work placement in a skilled trade at the same time they are receiving credit for the skills they are developing and demonstrating to their employer. A successful OYAP placement can even lead to paid employment and continuation of the apprenticeship after graduation.  Interested students should talk to a guidance counsellor or co-op teacher.

Useful Websites

Incentive and Supports for Apprenticeships

Please view the following to learn about Incentives and Supports for Apprentices in Ontario.

Apprentice Supports

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