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Who We Are

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The Student Services department consists of Guidance, Social Work, Special Education, Student Success & Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL). We are focused on assisting students in three areas of their life while they are in high school: academic, social/emotional and post-secondary planning. 

The role of the Guidance department is to support and promote students’ well-being and growth in 3 areas:

An appointment can be made with a Guidance counsellor by visiting the Guidance/Student Services office.  Guidance appointments are available throughout the school day.

Specifically, the Guidance department can assist with: 

  • Course planning
  • Career exploration
  • Study skills
  • Timetable changes
  • Social & emotional support
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Post-secondary planning
  • Connect to school board supports & community agencies
  • Referral to School Social Worker

Please contact the school if you have concerns about your child.

Guidance Staff Guidance Position Phone Extension Email Address
Ms. L. Watts Administrative Assistant 519-925-3834 ext. 300 [email protected]
Ms. S. Trowell Head of Guidance 519-925-3834 ext. 310 [email protected]
Ms. J. Senese Guidance Counsellor 519-925-3834 ext. 304 [email protected]
Mr. D. Hentsch Guidance Counsellor 519-925-3834 ext. 501 [email protected]
Mr. G. Harvey Social Worker 519-925-3834 ext. 306 [email protected]