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School Contacts

Address: 150 Fourth Ave, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3R5

Telephone: 519-925-3834

Fax: 519-925-3553

Email: [email protected]

Principal: Wendy McIntosh

Vice-Principal: Adam Rowden

Office Staff

Office Coordinator L. Champ Extension 202
Administrative Assistant M. Mohandass Extension 200
Administrative Assistant T. Samuels Extension 208
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal & Guidance L. Watts Extension 300
Library Technician A. Nunes Extension 260


First Name Last Name E-Mail
Matthew Barlow [email protected]
Kelly Blackstock [email protected]
William Bradford [email protected]
Martin Brooks [email protected]
Adrian Brown [email protected]
Patrick Clendinning [email protected]
Jannah Copeland [email protected]
Sanja Culina [email protected]
Emily Darling [email protected]
Ruth Anne Davin [email protected]
Tara DeBrouwer [email protected]
Crystal Elder [email protected]
Mark Greenfield [email protected]
Leonard Guchardi [email protected]
Crystal Heaslip [email protected]
Kate Heasman [email protected]
Kristen Henry [email protected]
Devin Hentsch [email protected]
Shelby Isaac [email protected]
Peter Jensen [email protected]
Elisha Jesudason [email protected]
Stanley Karabela [email protected]
Monica Keller [email protected]
Patrick Kings [email protected]
Timothy Koechl [email protected]
David Langman [email protected]
Matthew Leggett [email protected]
Jennifer Matthews [email protected]
Michelle McFadden [email protected]
Lela McKee [email protected]
Jessica Morris [email protected]
Nina Murray [email protected]
Amber Norris [email protected]
Tanja Oomen [email protected]
Andrea Parsons [email protected]
Jennifer Perryman [email protected]
Leah Pressey [email protected]
Shannon Rankin [email protected]
Amy Reinders [email protected]
Rebecca Rose-Peacock [email protected]
Matthew Rush [email protected]
Christopher Sales [email protected]
Robert Schiedel [email protected]
Julie Senese [email protected]
Aleya Shehata [email protected]
Doug Steele [email protected]
Amanda Storey [email protected]
Curtis Symons [email protected]
Trinna Thompson [email protected]
Shane Trainor [email protected]
Susan Trowell [email protected]
Heidi Van Der Wal [email protected]
Deb Walks [email protected]
Jeff Wellman [email protected]
Lori-Anne Wilson [email protected]
Diane Wright Elliot [email protected]
Eric Zeidler [email protected]