Grade 12 Headwaters

Learn in and from community. Gain academic and life skills for post-secondary.  Lead the future.

Headwaters is a four credit interdisciplinary environmental leadership program for Grade 12 students from any Guelph high school. Students go on trips, plan and teach a program for Grade 3 and engage in community-based projects.

Example Semester Site:  Headwaters Winter 2016

Course fee

There is a course fee of around $800 for Headwaters to pay for our trips and our off site location. No student is denied the opportunity to take Headwaters due to financial reasons. There is a bursary available.


Program Credits (4 possible U or M level credits):

.NEW in 2022- PLF 4M4 — Phys Ed Leadership

  • Snowshoe and bike our local trails
  • Lead community activities
  • Boost your teaching skills

CGR 4M4 — Environment and Resource Management

  • Be part of climate action in our community
  • Explore urban agriculture and grow a garden
  • Learn GIS tools to create story maps

ENG 4U4 University English (pre-requisite: ENG 3U3) or ENG 4C4

  • Study fiction, non-fiction and poetry around environmental themes
  • Gain the critical analysis skills you need for post-secondary

IDP 4U4 or IDP 4O4 Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Teach during the grade 3 Rubber Boots program
  • Facilitate a sustainable living skills workshop


Katie Gad

Cooperative Education, Science