Grade 12 Headwaters

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Explore the wild..

Learn in and from community

Gain academic and life skills …

Earn 4 Credits in the semester of a lifetime!

PAD 4OK – Outdoor Activities:

Sew mukluks (Semester 2) or carve paddles (Semester 1)

  • Go winter camping or canoe tripping for 6 days
  • Lead activities
  • Bike to learning sites
  • Overnight solo

CGR 4MK- Environment and Resource Management

  • Roleplay on logging in Algonquin
  • Explore urban agriculture and grow a garden
  • Cook a locavore meal
  • Map our watershed
  • Experience what our community is doing to move to a post-carbon world

ENG 4UK University English (pre-requisite: ENG 3U) or  ENG 4CK  or Studies in Literature ETS 4U

  • Study significant works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry selected to facilitate consideration of environmental themes
  • Research and present “voices” of individuals in our historical and current community
  • Gain the critical analysis skills you need for post-secondary

IDP 4UK or IDP 4OK Interdisciplinary Studies:

  • Conduct interviews with community members for a “Voices” publication
  • Teach during the grade 3 Rubber Boots program
  • Facilitate a sustainable living skills workshop
  • Record your experience through a program journal

There is a course fee of around $800 for Headwaters to pay for our trips and our off site location.  No student is denied the opportunity to take Headwaters due to financial reasons. There is a bursary available.

[CELP and Headwaters Bursary Application(PDF)]