“An important thing to me about CELP is it gives me the freedom to bring my heart into my education, and in doing so I discover more about myself.”

“Often when I would think about the problems in our world today, they felt so enormous that I could become so easily overwhelmed; feeling as though I could be crushed underneath their massive weights. I would often say to myself ‘That’s not right, I should do something about that’.’ The real problem here is the word should. It shouldn’t even be there. In CELP I have realized the big difference between saying you are going to do a thing and actually doing it . If I could go back now, I would change all of those ‘shoulds’ into ‘wills’ …. Into ‘that’s not right, I will do something about that.’”

“CELP has helped me to realize how I want to live my life- that change starts with me. That it is up to me as an individual to make choices that support things I believe in. That everything I buy, eat, wear, do affects something in a positive or negative way.”

“What have I learned from CELP?…. I’ve been asking myself that question. The answer is EVERYTHING. I’ve learned the real value of friendship, how to cook better than before, how to camp, how to… well, live life to its fullest. I’ve also learned something else. I’m not yet sure what that is. Well, I guess you could say I didn’t learn it, I gained it. It’s a feeling down inside of me. The feeling of being satisfied with life, satisfied with school.”

“CELP also taught me that everything comes from somewhere. I sort of have a sense of belonging to the world now. Even though I am a teen, I have such an amazing impact on the earth whether it be consuming, littering or simply breathing.”

“Dealing with our connection to the earth is all we have to do. After all, good planets are hard to find.”

“I feel so much more aware of my actions. Everything I do and eat, I wonder: where did this come from, where is it going, how much energy, how much pollution?”

“Sitting in the English classroom watching the seasons go by: the brightness of the summer, the reds and crispness of the autumn and the cold blanket of winter. I feel that I am seeing the world for the very first time.”